Bamboo fertiliser

Well my beautiful cow picture is a very tenuous link to the subject I wanted to talk about (fertlisers) But I just couldn't quite visualise a picture of fertilser that looked in any way appealing.
Feeding your potted bamboo is very important to keep your bamboo growing with vigour. Feeding bamboo planted in the ground is less essential but if applied it will certainly give your bamboo a welcome boost.
Liquid fertiliser applied at regular intervals is the most common approach. High nitrogen fertilisers are the best to use for bamboo, commonly lawn feeds are high nitrogen so will do the job very well.
Organic fertlisers such as cow manure (see) or chicken poo are very good for bamboo because again they are high in nitrogen.
Slow release fertilisers work to sustain a potted bamboo for the growing season but for extra vigour I would recommend a liquid fertiliser too.

Bamboo Fertiliser