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 Welcome to BambooGiant! We specialise in bamboo and offer the very best selection and guidance to make sure you choose the right bamboo for your garden and your specific needs. 

Bamboo is what what do.


Bisset Bamboo

The very best screening Bamboo

10 out of 10 Customer ratings - Honestly our customers love us... Might you too?

Easy ordering with all the great info on the different bamboos, excellent communication on the delivery, great after sales help with quick answers to questions, helpful email reminders for care and watering.

-  Julie Woods

Really pleased with the two bamboo plants I ordered, excellent quality and very healthy. Delivery was very quick and the plants well wrapped. Great company to deal with and a fab sense of humour too. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

- James O'Keeffe

Outstanding quality and a lot larger than we thought. Carefully wrapped and a free bag of fertiliser. Speedy delivery with a courtesy email after a few days with care and advice. Would highly recommend this family run business first class from start to finish. 

- Luanna Holden

News from the Nursery

We have a new range of very sturdy wooden planters for bamboo. These offer a long term above ground solution for screening. 

Perfect for two of our bamboo, The Bisset or the Golden Crookstem are great choices for screening in a planter.

The Mighty Golden Crookstem Bamboo

Iconic golden canes, excellent for tall bamboo screening


Is a family affair, a husband and wife with the 'willing' help of our children and the strong backs of our wider family. 

Our Sussex-based nursery is a mixture of plants, from the everyday shrubs to palm trees, topiary, and of course bamboo. The idea for this website was simply a reaction to the incredible resurgence bamboo has enjoyed in recent years, its by far the biggest selling plant we have at the nursery. So we've decided to ride the wave of bambooism, and start selling bamboo plants online to a wider audience.. Have a good look around, we have some lovely bamboo plants for sale, and if you need any help, get in touch via the contact page.

Planting Bamboo UK

Spring Planting

Spring is prime-time for planting, (not just bamboo but many trees and shrubs)...

Essential - Watering

This maybe the most important post on this page...

Bamboo height

How tall - How Fast?

How tall - how fast? It's far from an exact science, but this is roughly what you can expect.

Discounted Screening Bundle

All you need to create and maintain instant coverage - beautiful bushy bamboo, compost, fertiliser and the important bit - instructions.

More about Bamboo

The Dizzy Heights

Each bamboo on the website will tell you the eventual height you can expect when fully grown. It's important to note that the height shown is the maximum height, all bamboo can be trimmed lower, even the tallest 6m+ bamboo can be used to create a very effective screen at 2m.

Spaced out

Before getting into how to grow and where to grow, the most frequent question we get asked is how many to grow. Nearly always bamboo is bought for screening and the first question is how many bamboo will I need to screen 'x' number of metres. The answer will always come down to budget and how quickly coverage is required, but a good average spacing for most bamboo is 1 per metre. You can plant closer together than 1 per metre if budget allows but going more than 1 per metre will generally greatly increase the time it will take to achieve good coverage.

Watering - compulsory reading

Bamboo love a good drink. This is especially important for establishment of newly planted bamboo. and absolutely 100% essential for potted bamboo. We are going for big bushy lush dense growth here people and that can only be achieved by getting out with the hose and giving the bamboo a good regular soaking. 

Rain is nowhere near as effective at watering your plants as you are. You really do need a sustained period of heavy rain to equal what you could do with a hose or watering can.

Unfair reputation

Bamboo varieties in the past were horrendously spreading invasive monsters. Like it or not if you had a bamboo in your garden 20 years ago shortly after all your neighbours had bamboo too. The newer varieties of Phyllostachys and Fargesia are clump forming and much easier to control and contain. 

But saying that peace of mind is a wonderful thing and if you are at all concerned about unwanted spread consider using our root barrier which will safeguard you from any unwanted spread. 

Bargain Bamboo

Seconds - Absolute bargains 

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