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Late Winter/Early Spring is a great planting time, (not just bamboo but many trees and shrubs).

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Well my beautiful cow picture is a very tenuous link to the subject I wanted to talk about - fertlisers.

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This maybe the most important post on this page and it's to do with.... watering! 

Planting Bamboo

Always plant in the ground if possible as opposed to using potted alternatives.

Pruning Bamboo

Bamboo is a little different from other plants, once a cane has been pruned it no longer grows.

Bamboo Spacing

Don't fear using bamboo with moderate spread, it’s important to give you coverage.

Bamboo mixing

Mixing bamboo, it's a common question as whether it's a good idea to mix bamboo when planting...

Bamboo Leaf Mulch

Bamboo replaces it's leaves throughout the year - new leaves emerge to take the place of... 

Tall bamboo

How tall - how fast? It's far from an exact science, but this is roughly what you can expect.

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Bamboo are perfectly suited to being planted out in pots/planters. Although size is important...