Planting - In the Ground or in a Planter?

Planting Bamboo

Always plant in the ground if possible as opposed to using potted alternatives. A common approach for those who fear bamboo spread is to use planters, either above ground or sunk in to the ground. This is without doubt the wrong approach, the ground will always give bamboo far greater vigour, growth, and coverage than potted alternatives. 

The other major benefit of planting in the ground is that the bamboo will be much more self sufficient and require much less ongoing care. This is because the bamboo's root system can access the nutrients and water available in the surrounding soil. Where in contrast the roots of potted plants have limited access to only what's available within the planter. Even the most attentive gardener will not provide a potted plant the same nutrients and water that it could source itself planted in the ground.

So If you can plant in the ground do so, if you are worried about spread talk to us about the best varieties to use, and for ultimate peace of mind use our root barrier.