Tall Bambo

The demand for bamboo screening seems to be ever-increasing. To screen from new buildings, trampolines (a big favourite), new extensions or for boundaries where neighbours have removed fences, trees or hedging to dramatic effect.

All our tall varieties are suitable bamboo for screening to some extent but the three below really are the outstanding choices to provide quick effective screening. 

Rightfully in number 1 spot is the Bisset Bamboo. 

- Great form, creates very tidy uniformed top to bottom coverage.

- Very well behaved with minimal spread, but very good density.

- Very reliable performer anywhere apart from full shade, keeps excellent condition throughout all seasons. Versatile too, equally at home in the ground or in a planter.

Number 2 - Golden Crookstem

- Again very effective tall bamboo for screening, it's main feature is that it grows tallest fastest. Has slightly less foliage on the lower parts of the cane. 

- Very well behaved with minimal spread, but very good density.

- A striking choice for very sunny environments, equally at home in the ground or in a planter. 

Number 3 - Black Bamboo

- Beautiful and ever popular, although it screens very well it is out-performed by the Bisset and Golden Crookstem.

- It can struggle in windy environments, loves the sun to show off it's jet black canes. Again very well adapted to life in a planter or in the ground. 

- Has little spread, but takes a little longer to provide good density.

Notes on screening.

Bamboo can really be 'motivated' to increase vigour and density by watering well throughout the growing season, this cannot be emphasised enough.

Bamboo can be pruned to any height.

To work out how many bamboo you need to effectively screen, your spacing for the taller bamboo should be 1 per meter.

Bamboo is very effective screening visually but is also the most effective plant to aid noise reduction too. Of course you can use bamboo in pots for screening there's nothing to say they have to planted in the ground.

If you are looking to buy bamboo plants for screening look no further.